To grow high quality produce, healthy people, and sustainable communities.

Commitment Statements

As an organization and as individual members of Vermillion Growers, we are committed to…

  • Strengthening communities by providing a locally produced, sustainable food source.
  • Being accountable to our consumers and investors while ensuring traceability of our produce
  • Utilizing industry-leading technology to operate in an efficient and environmentally sustainable manner
  • Ensuring that the triple bottom line of protecting people, planet, and profit is our priority”

A Friendly - Manitoban Hello!

Welcome to the online home of Vermillion Growers! We're glad you're here. Our greenhouse is under construction in Dauphin, Manitoba, and will be the province's first large scale vegetable greenhouse. Our company aims to address key issues in commercial agriculture, sustainable food production, nutrition and safety. 

Canada currently imports around 90% of its produce, adding to an ever increasing carbon footprint and subtracting drastically from the nutritional value of our food supply. At Vermillion Growers, we believe this is problem we can help solve right here at home. Help support our mission simply by signing up for our E-Newsletter where you can learn more about our project as it unfolds. 

Meet the team! 

Mark Kohan

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Mark is a developer and well respected property owner in the town of Dauphin, Manitoba. Growing up in rural Manitoba he has learned the work ethic necessary to be successful in business as well as his personal life.

Having an education in Business Administration he used his knowledge to develop strategies for working with groups of investors in the development of subdivisions of land, condos and commercial properties. His comprehensive understanding of money and people management have allowed him to earn the trust and respect of bankers, investors and community members.

Over the past 15 years Mark has raised and managed over 35 Million dollars in funding making him an invaluable asset to any team. With a recent introduction to the commercial greenhouse world he has been invited to participate in the funding and financial management of the Vermillion Grower’s facility in Dauphin.

Maria Deschauer

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Maria is a seasoned entrepreneur with a  passion for economic growth and job creation in rural Manitoba.  She has a highly successful background in property development / management and will be transferring those skills to Vermillion Growers as Managing Director.

Lucky Deschauer

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John is an entrepreneur/philanthropist who has spent the past 35 years in construction and property development. Dauphin, Manitoba became his home in 2013 when he began building residential rental apartments to help ease the housing demand in the community. As a master carpenter, he has mentored apprentices until his retirement recently from construction to spend full time on his greatest passion, Commercial greenhouses.

Growing up in rural southern Manitoba he was exposed to varying types of agriculture, spending time as a young man working on farms for experience. At the age of 15 he began building experimental greenhouses with his father including a 20 foot high glass greenhouse to grow vegetables in the winter. Since that time growing and providing healthy high quality produce for family and friends has been a burning ember in his soul. With recent improvements to hi tech greenhouses his passion has soared and now has committed all his time and resources to bringing the best team of greenhouse builders and growers together.

Tera Pasternak

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As the junior grower and crop scout at Vermillion Growers, Tera ensures the plants are getting what they need in order to produce the best yield and to ensure that the integrated pest management program is efficient. As she says, she takes care of the plants and bugs in the facility.

Agriculture has always been her passion. She grew up on a beef cattle farm in Chatfield, MB, with 400 head of cattle. Tera understands how important agriculture is and knows that we need to take of our land, now, so many generations to come will have food to eat. Tera has a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness. Originally thinking she would find a career in the cattle industry, when she found out about Vermillion Growers, she needed to be part of the team.

“My education was built around the fact that we as farmers need to be more sustainable while continuing to feed the world. Vermillion Growers talked to both my education and passion for agriculture. I am so glad to be part of the team!”

Cormac Foster

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Cormac Foster was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and graduated as a Biosystems Engineer with a specialization in Environmental Engineering. Cormac is also a credentialed LEED Green Associate. He completed his degree at the University of Manitoba while also working as a carpenter and site supervisor on commercial construction sites and a supervisor in the retail industry. Prior to his work at Vermillion Growers, Cormac has worked as the co-lead on a prototype cold-climate energy production greenhouse facility project, as well as conducted ground-breaking type II diabetes research at the John Buhler Research Centre. In addition to his technical background, Cormac has spent time as a motivational speaker, delivering presentations to a wide range of audiences of up to 200 people on many different platforms based on his experience as a contestant of “The Amazing Race Canada". 

As the Project Engineer for Vermillion Growers, Cormac brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the project and has the opportunity to utilize strong communication skills along with his technical engineering background to manage the design and construction aspects of the project.



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