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June 15, 2019 – Dauphin, Manitoba – Horizon Builders out of Brandon and Eng-Tech Consulting Ltd. out of Winnipeg have officially signed on with Vermillion Growers and will be beginning work in the coming weeks. Vermillion first announced its plans to develop a 30-acre state-of-the-art greenhouse facility in 2017 and have been working to meet the many requirements of a project of this scale. The company has maintained their ongoing commitment to building community and with contracts held with Manitoba-based companies, they are right in stride with their Vision & Mission.

“We want to ensure that local Manitoba companies have an opportunity to learn and grow with us as we build Manitoba’s first large-scale, high-tech vegetable greenhouse,” says Maria Deschauer, Managing Director at Vermillion. “We’ve said all along that building community and keeping Manitoba at the forefront is a part of how we conduct business and we are thrilled to have these companies on our team.”

Horizon Builders has been hired as the General Contractor to oversee the entire site build including the warehouse structure and greenhouse facility and had much to say about the uniqueness of the project, keeping things local, and Vermillion as leaders.

“We see this project as the first of many as there will always be a need for fresh produce. Growing up on a farm this type of project really interests me. I see the potential and admire the group for seeing a need in the marketplace and following through on the vision,” says Kelvin Orr, Vice-President and Senior Estimator at Horizon. “It is not always easy to try something out of the norm. But this group has a resiliency that is going to make this successful.”

Eng-Tech has already performed environmental assessment, been responsible for the earthwork design, and Vermillion has signed a contract with them to manage the earthwork construction. In the coming days and weeks, the 60-acre tract of land in Dauphin will see big changes. Deschauer comments that as construction rolls out, Vermillion will begin a more extensive employment opportunity campaign, another exciting element of the project and asks that any interest in employment be directed to their website at

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