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Happy Holidays from the Vermillion Growers Build Site!


December 18, 2019

In this blog entry, we are pleased to reveal the design of our warehouse, currently under construction at the site of our state-of-the-art greenhouse. There may be a few tweaks between now and completion, but the above conceptual rendering of the warehouse is the design we have chosen for maximum productivity and efficiency. We also think it happens to look pretty great! 

The warehouse is not merely a storage facility, but a vital structure within the Vermillion Growers operation. Along with shipping and receiving functions, office space and staff amenities, the building also houses the boiler room, where heat and carbon dioxide for the greenhouse is produced. 

  • Concrete machinery just wrapping up.

  • Piles and piers poured.

  • Insulating from the cold temperatures.

As you can see from the photos, our site is abuzz with activity. Thanks to our construction and engineering partners, the pad and pier foundation have already been constructed, the area around the foundation has been backfilled, and preparation work for the warehouse grade beam has been completed. Weather permitting, the concrete pour of the warehouse grade beam will take place next week and framing of the warehouse will follow. 

We are proud of the progress being made as we work toward our goal of growing food, growing people, and growing community. 

From all of us here at Vermillion Growers, have a safe and happy Holiday Season!