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Site Tours a Success!

June 21, 2020
One of the joys of progress in any project is sharing the progress with others. Along with showing all of you our status updates in our monthly blog posts, we were thrilled to invite our current investors and other special guests, including members of government, to tour our project site last month.
Before the hot, humid, and windy days we are currently experiencing, we had two breezy and cool, yet sunny, days during which we toured our visitors through our construction site. We picked those two days in May because, while there was construction activity, it was limited to the point where it was safe enough to walk around and also not impede any progress.
As guests arrived on site, we ensured they (and we) donned all personal protective equipment necessary for a construction zone and sanitized to protect against COVID-19. We showed overview drawings and pictures of the site, then began the walk to our large warehouse building. Everyone was happy to see our successes to date and construction activity. As guests stood in and walked around the very warehouse construction they had previously only seen in architectural renderings, they all received a clear understanding of the magnitude of our project.
From the warehouse and completed roof trusses, ready for addition to the warehouse structure, guests were guided along paths and shown acreage boundaries. Most exciting was seeing the exact spot where we aim to have rows of tomatoes planted and growing around this same season next year!
While we did not have a physical visit from the Agriculture and Resource Development Department of the Manitoba Government, we are receiving fantastic support from them. In a letter from the Manitoba Government to their federal counterpart at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Assistant Deputy Minister, Maurice Bouchard, writes, “It is encouraging that in these difficult and economically challenging times, a company like Vermilion (sic) is moving forward with investment that will contribute to Canada’s economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.”
We are delighted that some of our investors and government officials had the opportunity to see our progress, and with the support we are receiving from everyone involved with our greenhouse build. Of course, we will continue to share with you here on our blog our journey to growing food, people, and communities!"