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Working Together with the Province of Manitoba


July 23, 2020


On Friday, June 26, Vermillion Growers was proud to host members of our provincial and municipal levels of government as the Province of Manitoba officially announced funding of up to $4.2 million, through tax-increment financing, to our state-of-the-art greenhouse project in Dauphin, Manitoba. In front of media and VIPs, including the RM of Dauphin Reeve, Ron Ryz, and Mayor of Dauphin, Allen, Dowhan, Manitoba Economic Development and Training Minister Ralph Eichler committed funds to Vermillion Growers under the Manitoba Works Capital Incentive (MWCI). By making this announcement, and by doing so at our construction site, the Province of Manitoba has demonstrated significant support, not only in principle, but in practice, and has aligned itself with our core values of economic development and job growth.

The MWCI is merely another initiative of the Manitoba Government which is assisting Vermillion Growers, along with the Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit, which allows eligible investors to receive a tax credit of up to 45% of the investment. For details on the tax credit program and how you can benefit by investing in Vermillion Growers, please contact us.
If you would like to read the Manitoba Government press release covering the June 26 event at our site, please visit