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What About Jobs?


May 20, 2021

One litmus test for a healthy economy is the number of small - to medium-sized businesses that make a particular community home. In the case of Vermillion Growers, Phase One positions the greenhouse to be one of the largest small business employers (classified as 1 – 99 employees) in the region. Additional Phases will quickly bring the greenhouse into medium-sized business territory (100 – 499 employees), adding to the economic health and wealth of the region.

 Over the years the team at Vermillion Growers has been raising funds, sourcing expertise from around the globe, and building relationships to ensure the project gets off the ground, one question remains omnipresent, and rightly so:


What about jobs?


Vermillion Growers has nearly completed creating comprehensive job descriptions and plans to begin advertising for an assortment of positions in Summer, 2021! Vermillion will be looking to hire a variety of positions totalling 42 full and part time staff. In our communications with interested folks, both in person and online, the most asked about position is that of, “Gardener.” This is typically a question from people who genuinely love gardening and are interested in finding work in a sun-filled, warm, and green environment, especially through the long winter months! Gardeners play a key role in the greenhouse, actively caring for their own sections or rows of plants, and working with the Head Grower, Junior Grower, and Crop Scouts to ensure the health of the overall crop. Greenhouses require serious teamwork and synchronicity, which is why we will be actively looking for energetic individuals with a passion for learning, plants, and people! Our company tagline, “Growing Food, Growing People, Growing Communities,” are words we live by and growing our internal team is a step we are incredibly excited to take.

 We are thrilled to share our job teaser ad below. Though these positions will be available soon, Vermillion will not be accepting applications just yet. We would love you to help us spread the word on this exciting development and invite you to stay tuned to our social channels to be the first to know when official job advertisements are posted on our website.

 Our team would like to thank all those who have inquired about the project, employment, and partnerships. We are getting close and thank you for your continued support and excitement!