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Ready, Set, Build!

The Vermillion Growers team has been working diligently to ensure the success of the Dauphin greenhouse project. As so many businesses, both existing and new, we too have been experiencing supply chain and international shipping delays. At this time, we are happy to report that the backlog on shipping delays have eased and supplies are now moving. We can move forward … FULL STEAM AHEAD!

The journey to bring Vermillion Growers to the community of Dauphin has been in play for several years. We would like to thank the local community and all our supporters from Manitoba and beyond for their continued support - we couldn't do it without you! We have an exciting journey ahead of us and look forward to keeping you informed with up-to-date information.


Currently on site the “Big-O” is being installed. This is the in-ground drainage and water collection system that surrounds the entire 30-acre site. Eventually it will also collect all the rainwater from the greenhouse roof system and direct it to the holding pond for eventual recycling to be included in the greenhouse irrigation system (feeding the tomatoes).

Capturing rainwater is not only a sustainable practice of environmental stewardship, it also reduces the amount of water we need to purchase from the City of Dauphin. Essentially, it is good for the environment and for business. To see growth in a greenhouse business you need the best water source, rainwater is one of these sources.

There are plenty of benefits to using and saving rainwater for greenhouses:

  • Rainwater has very few chemicals in it which makes it easier to process for use in the crop.
  • The gutter-connected greenhouse structure can harvest large quantities of water at a reasonably low cost.
  • Greenhouse rainwater harvesting is now a worldwide phenomenon. It is even supported to promote environmentally friendly cultivation of crops.

What to expect in the next month? The helical piles will be installed in April. This picture shows Cormac Foster (VG’s project engineer) and Patrick Jolicoeur (The Greenhouse Company) posing in front of the concrete bases that will be installed on top of each pile to support the steel greenhouse structure.

We are also very pleased to announce that soon we will be looking for people who are passionate about growing plants to become part of our growing team. If this describes you and you are looking to work in a greenhouse environment, we invite you to follow us on social media and get your resumes ready.

Keep your eyes peeled for site activity updates. We will now be posting these several times a month so everyone can share the excitement of the building process.