Over $1.1bn of greenhouse products are sold in Canada every year. This market is growing by over 5% per annum.

California, the largest tomato growing region in the USA, is suffering from increasing droughts impacting on fruit yields.

Costs of production for greenhouse grown fruit are traditionally lower, resulting in profits frequently in excess of 20%.


Vermillion Growers has recognized that there is an opportunity to bring the greenhouse industry to central Canada. For the past three years, Vermillion Growers has been planning and conducting studies to determine the best location for the construction of the first greenhouse of this kind in Manitoba. Due to the climate, location, sunlight, and natural resources, Manitoba presents a blank canvas that is ideal for greenhouse operations. In addition to the operations, being centrally located within Canada allows for great access to the market. By producing within close proximity to the three major hubs of Winnipeg, Regina, and Saskatoon, our customers have the ability to have fresh tomatoes on their table within 24 hours of being picked.

Isn’t it too cold for a greenhouse?

Our answer, no. It is actually easier to heat a building than to cool it down. The cold climate in Manitoba provides us with an advantage over greenhouses situated in regions with year-round warm climates. Greenhouses in these warmer regions must provide air-conditioning in their buildings. Manitoba has substantial sunlight hours to meet the needs of a greenhouse, as well as access to water, natural gas, and electricity with some of the best utility rates in Canada.

The first greenhouse will be built in three phases.

  • Phase 1 includes the warehouse and five acres of growing area.
  • Phase 2 will add 10 acres of growing area.
  • The Final phase will add an additional 15 acres of growing area.

The full 30-acre greenhouse should be constructed within five years. By phasing-in the project in this manner, it allows our engineering team to refine and continuously improve on the design with each phase of the build, while also allowing the growing team to train the best employees who will have time to master their skills.

Best growing technology in the world.

Vermillion Growers is working with the top consultants from the industry including advisors from the Netherlands, the global leader in greenhouse technology and yield. Our automation system will control all conditions in the greenhouse including the temperature, irrigation, screens, and lights. This system allows the growers to remotely access the greenhouse controls from anywhere in the world, while also tracking employee progress. High pressure sodium (HPS) lighting will be utilized in the greenhouse to allow production 365 days a year. The lighting will supplement natural light in the winter months and enhance pollination of the crop.

Overall, Vermillion Growers aims to construct and operate state-of-the-art glass greenhouses that are sustainable and utilize industry-leading technology to grow year round fresh produce for central Canada.


Canada is still a net importer of tomatoes, last year importing 217,685 metric tonnes, primarily from the USA.

Vermillion is working with Dutch growers who produce the highest yield of tomatoes globally.

Canada exported over 155,725 metric tonnes of tomatoes with the USA being the major importer.

"I think the investment potential of Vermillion Growers is second to none at the moment.”

Jayne S, Manitoba

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